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I’m Desiree Abecassis, passionate Naturopath Health Educator & Whole Foods Chef. My transformational health courses and personalized consultations, will guide you from hopeless to empowered. By addressing the root cause of your digestive symptoms, and offering you natural solutions to restore your gut balance, my mission is for you to experience digestive freedom and live your healthiest life ever!

I know the frustration of living with IBS: the constant bloating, distended belly and never knowing what to eat for fear of aggravating digestive upset. It’s no way to live. I healed myself from IBS naturally once I realized that healthy thriving digestion was central to my overall health. It’s time to get unstuck. I’ll guide you there with a clear plan, tools and structure giving you the confidence and motivation so you no longer have to suffer. The possibilities for healing are vast, I’ve seen them in action. Come out of my program with the motivation to be more active, enjoy social and family time and thrive through your workday with abundant energy. Are you ready?


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