10 steps to instant en-light-enment

You are about to explore some of the most crucial and easy to implement tips on how to achieve lightness and get enlightened. You’ll see how easy it is to free yourself from the conspiracy against enlightenment!

1) Eliminate neurotoxins
Eliminate these from your body and the earth. This includes nasty chemicals such as fluoride (found in drinking water and conventional toothpaste), aspartame (used as a synthetic sweetening agent) and the list goes on. When you consume these chemicals you are literally putting inhibitors in your system that keep you tethered at lower vibrations.

2) Stay away from GMO’s & choose Organics
Reduce your consumption of genetically modified (GMO’s) and non-organic foods. Get educated and become highly aware of your food supply and where it comes from. We highly suggest finding a natural health food market or a local farmer near you in order to get fresh and superior quality produce containing reduced levels of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

3) Take care of you, in Body, Mind and Spirit
The optimum health of your body and especially your brain is essential in reaching your highest states of being. So take care of yourself in mind, body and spirit.

4) Be very critical of the Idiot Box
Avoid watching television or at the very least watch television with a critical mind-set and try to watch informative, funny or inspirational documentaries or programs. 90% of TV is what we call “Network programming” which is owned and regulated by the same corporations who control the film industry, pharmaceutical companies, fashion and beauty industries and the world bank. Beware of subliminal messaging while you watch, it’s shocking to know how inundated we are with adverts and messages about what we should believe.

5) Question what you’ve learned
Question your “education”. This step is in no way an attack on the countless teachers and guides who do fabulous work, but if we do want to evolve and reach the greatest heights of higher consciousness we must re-evaluate our education systems which typically depend on the over-use of the left hemisphere of the brain (linear thought, math, numbers, memorization of facts and opinion’s). It is the right side of the brain that enables us to form our own ideas and thoughts and express them effectively. It is essential that we learn how to use and integrate both hemispheres of the brain in order to achieve holism. Let’s undo some of that conditioning that no longer serves us well.

6) Is what I believe popular? Who Cares!
Re-evaluate the validity of popular opinion. At this point in time there are many people calling shots in the world who are eating in-organic foods, and consuming neurotoxins. These individuals are operating from a place of fear, greed and consumerism. It is therefore essential that we continue to radiate and be examples for positive change in the world by constantly working on our selves and shinning a light for others to see. Let’s work to collectively establish a more loving and sustainable humanity by making the right choices toward our earth and our fellow inhabitants of the earth.

7) “Re:align with your inner self.”
Look within yourself to know who you truly are. Our motto is to “realign with your inner self.” Take whichever steps you feel are necessary for achieving that goal. Engage in a session of self-exploration, Journal to invite an inner process, schedule a weekend off to reconnect with nature or visit a retreat for a weekend or more- you totally deserve it. Ask yourself if you are the labels you have attributed to yourself or have been attributed to you. Are you your gender? your role? your ethnicity? your possessions? your career? Or are you really much more than any or all of those put together?

8) Keep a regular spiritual practice.
We suggest Meditation and Yoga as the ultimate healers of body and mind. Meditation helps to take a break from the constantly “thinking mind” and learn to be in the stillness to connect with the inner you and find that place of grounding. Yoga, which I view as medicine, can be practiced at any age, in any place. Just drop your yoga mat on any solid floor and start stretching. Breathe into the organs of your body to feel completely rejuvenated almost immediately.

9) Let go of judgments & opinions to which you hold strongly
Learn that life is about flexibility and the ever changing and evolving ebb and flow of life. What is true in one moment may not hold true in the next.

10) Make these steps your priority.
Should you decide to take the steps outlined here you will be well on your way to living a life of health, a quiet and content mind, presence, Joy, and Love.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. If you are experiencing any health difficulties on your journey or you are in need of some guidance please contact us for some help today.

Beautifully written as a collaboration by Branden Van Tassel and Desiree Abecassis 🙂

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