2D Flexibility: Body & Mind

We’re talking flexibility, and not just the “I can do the splits” kind.

Take an honest look at the way you move through life. You may notice that you might have been missing out on some potentially great opportunities for personal growth.

Have you become more rigid in your ways? Do you find you are angry more often than you used to be? Do you feel like you’ve lost much of the joy for little things in life? Has your workout routine gone stale? Would you like to be more easygoing and playful in your day-to-day life… but aren’t sure where to get started?

You may not know how you got here, but the good news is that all these feelings are common, and they can be overcome. So here are a few ideas to get you a bit more nimble, in both body and mind. The two are so strongly connected.

How to become flexible in mind:

Over the years, you may have become convinced that your way of thinking should be the only way. Yet, you can train yourself to become more open-minded, thus freeing yourself from negatively-charged discussions, stressful feelings, anger, and frustration. To start, all you have to do is make a point to be conscious of your thought process. By noticing the negative thoughts that we let our minds get hung up on, we can become empowered to eliminate the unfounded negativity.

Exploring creative pursuits like visiting a museum or art exhibit, or buying a new CD from an artist you’ve been meaning to get to know better,  can help broaden your horizons. Travel is another great way to expand your mental flexibility and open your eyes to new ideas and ways of life. You can even get creative with your food! We can show you different approaches to your diet so that when hunger strikes at dinner, you will never feel bored, since there are always new foods and delicious recipes to try.

How to become flexible in body:

Our favourite: yoga. There’s a reason yoga studios are popping up everywhere these days. It limbers up your muscles and joints and improves mobility and posture. The slow, controlled movements strengthen your core. A strong core will make you feel more grounded and comfortable in your body through your everyday movements in life, such as climbing the stairs or lifting that heavy paint can you needed for your living room renos. After a good yoga sesh, you might also notice that your body’s small aches and pains have actually subsided a little. (Arguably, many say yoga, pilates, tai chi, and the like, have the power to help nourish your body and gain peace of mind).

You may learn to let go by trying a dance class like Zumba, which is an easy form of Latin dance. This is a super fun activity to try with friends! The classes incorporate a variety of different moves so you’ll never feel bored, it gives you a good dose of cardio, and the new moves you learn might even help boost your confidence on the dance floor at your next party! The key is to not worry about how well you can dance – just let go, feel the music, and remember that other people in the class probably don’t have a background in dance, so they’re beginners just like you.

The summer is an opportunity to try so many new physical activities – from zip lining to horseback riding, to rock climbing and snorkeling, or tennis and swimming. Tap into your spontaneity and see how freeing and enjoyable it feels!

Flexibility is a skill that is important to feeling at peace in your mind, body, and spirit. Together, we can develop a vision of goals to expand your horizons, look at new strategies for coping with change and stress, uncover your hidden strengths and talents, and explore alternate possibilities and approaches to situations that make you feel uneasy.  Contact me to learn more about what a Naturopath can do to improve the quality of your life.

Let’s connect – no matter where in the world you are.


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