3 ways to healthier digestion & restful sleep

Sleep, insomnia, healthy digestionSleep well to digest better!
You know those nights of tossing and turning caused by the acidity, nausea and indigestion resulting from that tomato drenched pasta you ate for dinner?
Many of us can attest to disrupted and sleepless nights caused by digestive discomfort. But the reverse is also true. A lack of sleep, especially of high quality sleep can affect your digestion- big time. Sufferers of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome have reported experiencing aggravated digestive symptoms after restless nights of sleep.

And here’s why:  

1. A lack of sleep can cause us to be more susceptible to the negative effects of stress. A body compromised by stress does not digest well.

2. We require vital energy in order to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients from our food. If we lack that energy due to insufficient or poor quality sleep, our digestion suffers.

3. Exhaustion can cause us to crave quick sugar & caffeine fixes which can irritate a sensitive digestive tract.

So what`s the solution? Get to sleep early and take measures to make sure you sleep soundly.

Digest better by sleeping better in these 3 ways: 

Lemon Balm: A wonder herb:
1. Before bed, to calm a stressed nervous system and fall into a nice deep sleep consume a herbal tincture or herbal capsules of lemon balm also known as Melissa.

Chamomile Tea:
2. Drink a hot chamomile tea to fall into deep calm and slumber.

Oatmeal at night:
3. A nighttime snack of oatmeal and bananas can help you get those much needed zzzz`s.

Cheers to a restful sleep and healthy digestion,

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