3 ways vegetarian meals can improve your health

9 March 25 Veg good FridayIn line with tradition, many will refrain from consuming meat on the holy days during Lent.
What a fantastic day to take advantage of going meatless for at least a day and filling your dinner table with vegetarian alternatives. Eating vegetarian does not mean you have to miss out on flavorful and hearty food dishes.
Your overall health and digestive system can greatly benefit from the inclusion of vegetarian meals.

Good Friday is a day to enjoy a meatless meal
Here are 3 ways vegetarian eating can improve your health:
1. On a properly and well planned vegetarian diet that is high in vegetables and fruits one can enjoy a densely nutrient rich variety of foods full of antioxidants and their health promoting benefits.

2. A vegetarian diet rich in fiber will help promote regular bowel movements thereby minimizing toxicity in the colon and cascading health issues related to constipation.

3. Research shows that a vegetarian diet can help to ward off certain cancers such as colon cancer and chronic diseases such as heart disease.
Hope you can include at least 1-2 meatless days in your routine diet. Tune into our channel for health quickie videos on how to create vegetarian delights!

Enjoy vegetarian meals at least 1-2 x a week and always add tons of veggies to your plate no matter what you choose to eat.

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