4 Reasons You’re Feeling Bloated

Why are so many of us walking around tooting our own horns? What’s happening here?

Millions of people suffer from abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. What’s worse is that people live with these underlying low-level symptoms and accept them to be normal. Often these don’t fit into a neatly structured pathological label, so you may have been given a blanket label of IBS, for which there is no set protocol,  solution or relief.

Bloat not only looks unsightly and causes embarrassing bursts of flatulence and belching, but it also causes pain – and, on occasion, it is a sign of a more serious disorder.

So is bloating just a normal part of everyday life? Try to think about the flow of your everyday life. How many times a day does your gut feel uncomfortably swollen?

Here are some hidden causes of bloat:

Stress or Anxiety

  • It’s amazing how many people feel pressure and stress from their busy lives. Incorporate a few minutes of deep breathing each day, and head outdoors for a walk on your lunch break. Take the time to de-stress.

Food Sensitivities or Intolerances

  • Many people have a physiological reaction to Genetically Modified wheat and poor quality dairy products. This causes many to suffer from gluten and dairy intolerances. Try going Gluten-Free for a month and keep careful track of your symptoms, or hopefully lack thereof.

Overeating,  Fried Foods & Saturated Fats and Improper Food Combining

  • Stop eating when you are full, and avoid unhealthy, fatty food choices. Adhere to proper basic food combining techniques: Eat your fruits alone, avoid mixing starches with protein, and drink water away from meals. Always remember to chew your food well.

Swallowing Air

  • You may be gulping more air than you think. Skip gum, hard candy, cigarettes and difficult conversations at dinner-time- consuming these causes you to inhale more air than usual. Avoid beer and soda as these release carbon dioxide gas.

Do you have any tips that have helped you soothe your bloated belly?

Still can’t get rid of your bloat? An individualized consultation is always your best bet. This way we can determine what the cause is for you. Our services will help you attack the root causes of your bloated belly. Delve even deeper into your healing process with a Homeopathy session. With our help and guidance, our natural solutions will have you feeling much better, and much less bloated!

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