5 Ways to Curb your Sweetest Cravings

Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? I would safely say that 75% of my clients experience the cravings for sweets and chocolate on a regular basis. This is always a question I ask my clients as it can be a great indicator of certain health imbalances. Many of us crave sugar on a daily basis and don’t understand the leading causes. This tends to result in a blood sugar roller coaster and weight gain followed by low self esteem. Don’t despair! There are natural remedies which can help to diminish your sugar cravings and support you in the process.

Demystifying sweet cravings
Why is it that some of us constantly feel the need to satisfy our sweet tooth?  A common reason we crave sugar is because our blood sugar levels have been thrown off balance and have been that way for an extended period of time. Other reasons include possible nutrient deficiencies, bad diets, yeast overgrowth, eating an excess of junk foods, an accumulation of stress and eating too many processed carbs such as refined white pasta, bread, muffins and pastries. If you are constantly craving sugar, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from hypoglycemia; unfortunately this disorder can cause you to crave even more sugar.  But the problem is that too many sweets cause mood swings, hyper-activity and can damage the function of your spleen, liver, pancreas and intestines. But take this information with a grain of salt and remain optimistic! I am about to offer you 5 effective secrets for curbing your sweet cravings.

5 Effective Solutions
The most effective solution is to cut sugar out of your diet for one month. Be aware that ingesting even one small chocolate bar or one can of sweet soda will cause you to crave even more sugar and thus the roller coaster ride continues.  Taking charge of your diet is so crucial as what you eat  affects every aspect of your life including your energy level, how well you sleep, and even the functioning of your body’s immune system- your ultimate defence system against foreign invaders.

If you’re worried about keeping the false energy boost you thought your sugar was giving you, try a more sustained energy increaser: take 500mg of astragalus root a day. You can use the dried root infused in a tea or take it in its tincture form.

Nourish your body with live food full of energy increasing nutrients and minerals. Try some dried spirulina powder. Just add 2 teaspoons to your daily water or superfood smoothie.

You may want to evaluate your intake of the minerals chromium, manganese and magnesium.  Lacking these can set your blood sugar levels off balance.

It’s a fantastic idea to increase your intake of fresh foods that will help tame your blood sugar levels. Whole grains, fresh veggies and fruits contain fiber which helps to balance it all out.

Sweet Snacking
If you’ve got a sweet craving, grab for a carrot or have some steamed sweet potatoes as a snack. It sounds unsatisfying, but you’ll realize how sweet they actually taste. These are nutritious snacks that’ll tickle your tastebuds in just the right place!

Why not try our delectable chocolate decadence smoothie when craving that velvety goodness?

Below is a list of natural sweets which are lower on the Glycemic Index to incorporate in your daily regime. They are also bursting with anti-oxidant goodness!

  • Blueberries (Also excellent memory boosters)
  • Raisons (high in iron)
  • Cherries (Great for combating high cholesterol)
  • Strawberries (Nutrient power houses)
  • Raspberries (powerful antioxidants)

Sweet Bonus Tip: Try replacing your sugar with natural sweetners! You’ll be amazed at how fantastic they taste and how easy they are to incorporate into your recipes! These include: natural honey, stevia (dried green plant or drops), diluted apple juice, pure maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, brown rice syrup and rice & barley malt.

Sweet Inspiration: Remember that one thousand miles starts with a single step!


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