6 Steps to Naturally Radiant Skin

Hello beautiful people!
Today’s post is all about skincare and we’re sharing some great keys on how you can clear your complexion and rejuvenate and protect your skin at all ages!

Drink Clean Water
The first and most famous tip involves your water intake. Ideally the human body needs 2-4 litres of H20 every day to operate at optimal levels and keep things running. Water will help to remove impurities and keep your skin soft and supple. Water is the fundamental life source that flows through all living things, so do yourself a favor and replace the soda, store bought juices and other un-natural beverages with pure water. Contrary to popular belief, no other liquid can replace your water intake. It may seem like a lot of water to be drinking but once water is your primary source it’s super easy to get your quota up! Be aware that large cities tend to add flouride and chlorine to water, so YUCK! Invest in a quality water filter or buy spring water. For great suggestions on the various water filtration options, check out this fantastic article from our friends at Natural News.com

Consume your chlorophyll
As beautiful skin is much more about what you put IN rather than ON your body, the next clear tip is to get a daily does of greens!
Get one full serving of dark leafy greens or more per day. These include kale, Swiss chard, spinach, or arugula. If you’re not a true herbivore we suggest you sneak these guys into a Nutrient dense Green smoothie with berries, bananas and other fruits for a tasty boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The magic of greens is that they’ll help your body remove toxins and protect against free radical damage (largely responsible for disease and aging). it has also been shown that eating fruits and veggies actually produces the most natural and beautiful pigmentation of the skin. Adhering to a “fresh diet” 80% of the time provides you with the best in *skin insurance.* You should be protected for a while even if you slip up for a few days with your diet.

Fats for radiant skin
Another important supplement for your skin (and brain) are the OMEGA 3’s, 6’s and 9’s. Especially the 3’s which we are often lacking. These essential fatty acids will help keep your mind sharp and your skin supple and fresh. These oils can taken in liquid or capsule form. Make sure to choose a clean brand of fish oil should you decide to go that route.

Natural Skin care only
Okay, now onto topical skin care. We know that the skin is the largest organ of the body. The last thing you’d want to slather all over your precious organ is a chemical soup. We recommend that you find a 100% natural, pH balancing skin cleanser and wash your face once or twice a day.You can create some beautiful natural skin care products yourself at home. One of the greatest store bought brands I recommend is the Aroma Crystal line. I also love natural skin care oils depending on your skin type. These include Argania oil, tamanu oil and Rosa Mosqueta oils.

Japanese facial massage
As you apply your natural moisturizer or face oil, why not try a Japanese style face massage? Unlike the western style of casually applying products, techniques such as the TANAKA method is a 3 minute gift you can give yourself. This massage will help reduce wrinkles, keep your skin supple and release toxins and tension that you are holding in your facial muscles, it can even reduce inflammation and pore size. Why would you go under the knife or get some chemical treatment when a 3 minute massage each day is all it takes? In the morning you’ll find a gentle wash cloth is all you need to awaken and reveal a happier face!

Laugh and Visualize
Our last tips for today is to include laughter and visualization into your beauty routine. Remember that life is short and it’s so important to enjoy yourself at every age. Stay positive! Laugh yourself happy and do the things that bring you Joy! Focus on the beautiful skin your body is more than capable of giving you, never dwell on that which displeases you! And don’t forget that what we do to each other, we do to ourselves so treat yourself and others with gentle kindness.

May beautiful skin be yours HERE and NOW!

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