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You’re here because:

  • You’ve been struggling with poor digestion & IBS for way too long and your life, work and relationships suffer because of it.
  • You are desperate for a step-by-step plan for healing your Digestion.
  • You’re done with trying to sort through overwhelming and confusing health information on your own.
  • You’ve done with reacting to all foods.
  • It’s time you took control of your digestion as its central to good health.
  • You want a professional Naturopath with a fun, practical and no nonsense approach to guide your way.
  • You’re ready to get started NOW!

Good news! No wrong answers here. If any or all of the above apply, you’re exactly where you need to be.

I’m Desiree: Naturopath and Health Educator and I’m confident I can help you in the same way I’ve helped hundreds of my clients.
For most of us, gathering up the motivation, courage & determination to follow a health program can seem like Mission Impossible- but I’ll show you how getting healthy can be easy, fun, exciting and rewarding. When results come fast, are sustainable and effective, there is no turning back.

Health is your most important asset. Nothing matters more.

 Who do I help?

I help women between the ages of 29-49 go from bloated, stressed, moody & tired, to confident, healthy, vibrant & food tolerant.

A whole person naturopathic approach is the only health restoring approach that works. Want to know how and why? See here

My specialty lies in helping my clients heal from debilitating Digestive system challenges. I’ve suffered and healed myself naturally from IBS and I help others do the same.

My mission is for you to live symptom free so that you may enjoy your healthiest life ever.

How can we work together?

I’ve put my signature health courses together to help you reach your health goals naturally, effectively and at their core.

My one on one Private Naturopathic consultations will help you heal from the inside out.


Why you’d want to choose me as your Natural Health Educator:

I love to help

My Why

I chose Naturopathy as a life practice because I am in constant awe of the resources and healing tools this discipline offers me to help my clients and students re-instate healthy balance, thrive and eliminate suffering.

My Vision

I am passionate about educating groups and individuals so they can achieve wildly thriving health success.

My Mission

My driving force is to improve the health and lives of my students and clients by delivering the finest, most natural, most holistic and most effective approach for reinstating health. My approach blends the art and science of natural healing- a well-balanced mélange of ancient wisdom and up to date innovation and research.

My Value

Via educational courses, private consultations, cooking classes and group coaching services, I bring my extensive experience, professionalism, excellence, integrity and fun to my work.

There are several ways we can work together: work with me.


I understand you because I’ve been there

I hear you: You’re bloated, tired, stressed & moody. You react to every little thing without much self control. You’ve grown a spare tire around your belly that’s gotten so big, you can’t squeeze it into your pants anymore. So many foods mess with your digestive system these days, you have no idea what to eat. You often stay away from food for fear of aggravating your bloated belly.

Now what kind of life is that!? You don’t have to live this way!

I know firsthand what you’re going through because I’ve endured the pain and debilitating symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I visited with top-notch medical specialists who ran a gamut of diagnostic tests to tell me that nothing was wrong. But deep down you know something is “off.” I was literally propelled into the field of Naturopathic Medicine by my own personal struggle with IBS. After discovering, learning and implementing my own healing program into my life, I became symptom free. By healing my own digestive problems through natural medicine and from my years worth of consultation experience with clients I know certain things to be true and these truths are what I share with you in my courses.

To read the in depth version of my personal story (click here). 

I apply a Holistic Approach

I quickly came to realize that lab tests are standardized but humans aren’t. Only a holistic approach yields results. In order to affect true and successful healing my approach combines the following 4 ingredients:

  • A deep understanding of the person in front of me, not solely the disease.
  • An in depth investigation of the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.
  • An individualized step by step program for my clients to follow
  • A holistic understanding that encompasses mind, body, lifestyle habits, emotions.

Natural healing has been around for longer than we have. Bountiful nature provides us with all we need to achieve optimal health. Naturopathy guides us in applying this wisdom to our own lives. I can’t wait to share this with you.

Naturopathic Medicine is my forever passion

A lifetime of experience in the field of Natural medicine and years worth of formal education in Naturopathy has equipped me with the skills, knowledge, confidence and compassion to analyze and distill client cases and quickly provide in depth health solutions aimed at diminishing suffering and empowering health.

My health recommendations are concise, bite sized, easy to implement and strategically designed to help my clients achieve their goals. I’ve taken the most crucial aspects of my successful cases and have designed actionable, value packed health courses that have the power to change your life

I’m a Health Geek

I know my stuff. I’ve an obsessive researcher and collector of health books and information. I constantly immerse myself in the field of natural medicine by teaching classes, hosting detox weekends and consulting with clients 1 on 1. You can find me either reading health articles by the dozen or listening to podcasts on the subject. I live for current research and up and coming natural health products and trends in my field. I could spend 12 hours straight at Whole Foods Market: that’s my type of playground.

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What I can give you:

A no nonsense approach to health that yields effective results. I offer my students and clients passion infused motivation, educated inspiration, and effective strategies to Kickstart their health journeys in fun, quick and effective ways. Now’s the time to thrive!

Desiree’s Credentials:

Desiree Abecassis is a Certified Naturopath who runs her private practice in Montreal, Canada and consults with clients internationally via the Internet.

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