Aging Gracefully – 5 Effective Tips

Do you associate aging with a decline in health?

What if you could embrace your birthdays as your most vital years ever, in every way?

As your body enters a different groove in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s you may experience poor circulation, the loss of senses, memory issues, trouble digesting food, rotting teeth, reduced bone density, dry skin, reduced sexual appetite, graying hair or balding, difficulty controlling motor functions, and loneliness. Suddenly, it seems like your body may be working against you. Walking a short distance or carrying a bag of groceries may seem like a challenge.

These changes may be frightening and may be more inclined to creep up on you if preventative measures do not become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

So how would you feel if each additional year brought on a more energetic you?

Implement these 5 easy tips today to bring optimal vitality to your golden years:

1. Fermented Foods
Eat fermented foods to increase your store of digestion enzymes. Try miso, sauerkraut or Kefir.

2. Brain Boosters
Brain boosting supplements like ginko biloba, Bacopa and Omega 3’s, when properly prescribed, will sharpen your faculties.

3. Adaptogens
Try ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs to improve your energy levels.

4. The Royal Treatment
Spoil your dry skin with olive oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, emu oil, and rose-water mist.

5. Stretch!
Daily stretching will help you maintain strength and stability.

What are your secrets for staying young?

Generally recommended healing options can seem overwhelming. Finding the right natural solutions for you becomes crucial with age in order to live your life to the fullest. Your senior years don’t have to represent struggle. Contact us to book your customized health consultation in order to ease your experience and “vive la difference!”

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