Are you guilty of what I’m guilty of?

I know grabbing lunch on the go is more tempting than bringing your own but it doesn’t have to be that way….

According to Traditional Ayurvedic medicine, your digestive fire is strongest at noon. This means that your heaviest meal should be consumed at lunch-time. In some European and middle eastern countries this set of rules is the norm as the heavier meat based meal is consumed at lunch. In North America, we’ve reversed this practice as we consume a lighter lunch and very heavy dinner. This sets us up for trouble as we often go to sleep a couple hours after dinner with a full belly and haven’t had the chance to move and burn off those extra consumed calories. It allows waste to sit instead of being digested and moving through the system efficiently and quickly.

We’re a little mixed up around here!

Let’s talk lunch:
Did you know that almost 60% of individuals consume a commercially prepared lunch at least 1 time a week? Close to ¼ of these people consume this type of lunch five or more times a week!

So let’s change things up and have you commit to packing your own lunch at least 4 days this week. Can you commit to doing this for yourself?

Here are 5 strategies that will simplify packing your own lunch!

1. Think of the time you’ll save
Going out for lunch, waiting for it to be delivered and sitting and eating it can take up a significant amount of your lunch break. I help many clients who are so eager to lose weight- when I ask them how much exercise they get in a day, the answer is often not promising. If you pack your own lunch, you can spend ½ your time eating it and ½ your time going outdoors and taking a brisk walk to increase your heart rate and get your metabolism moving. How beneficial!

2. Consider the money you will save
I’ve often done this helpful calculation with my clients. We will sit down and calculate how much he or she spends on buying lunches out each day. This includes stopping for your morning latte. Do this for yourself and see how much that amounts to. We often don’t realize but the total sum amounts to a small fortune. Packing your own lunches will save you a pretty penny.

3. Think of the benefits to your health
We all know that food options outside of the home are generally far more unhealthy than those we prepare inside the home. When we prepare our own food, we are much more in control of the quality of ingredients used and we are far likelier to be health conscious in the process.

4. Use your leftovers wisely
Instead of throwing them out, use healthy leftovers wisely to pack for following day lunches. Plan ahead and prepare more when you cook. You don’t have to settle for a sandwich, instead, bring prepared food and vegetables to avoid eating loads of bread. This is a fantastic weight loss tip in disguise.

5. Get a lunchbox you love
This is so important, I mean it! I went out and invested in a lunch box I absolutely love. 2 of the same ones actually. This lunchbox motivates me to pack up a healthy lunch like you wouldn’t believe! It’s like a game. I just look around my fridge for healthy food items I can easily fit into the cozy little compartments. It actually brings out the creativity in me.
Check out today’s lunch. This is the start of the spring season so I’ve decided to pack it with tons of veggies and some lentils and brown rice with Thai coconut vegetables.

Take my lunch as an inspiration for your own creations!

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