3 ways to get your bowels moving


How are you? I hope all is well. Content creation activities have been keeping me very busy at this end and I have some incredible programs i’ll be releasing in the coming months. I’m very excited to share the wealth of health knowledge i’ve accumulated over the years!
Sometimes, in our eagerness to move forward with our goals or projects, we advance faster than we are even ready to. This seems to be a symptom of how we operate in our fast paced culture.

So as we try to fit a cleansing program into our hectic lives we may end up doing more harm than good. Too often i’ve seen people hurry into the process, do one of these two things and then expect magic results. 

  1. The’ll include the latest, trendiest food into their diets in hopes of experiencing the miracle that that food is touted to perform.
  2. They’ll grab the latest supplement pill that’s meant to miraculously help them lose weight and experience stellar health at the same time.

We have become accustomed to quick fixes and so this is naturally what we expect no matter which healing approach we take.

But here’s the truth: healing takes time. Clearing out old patterns, behaviours & habits doesn’t happen overnight.

Cleansing offers us an opportunity to take some time out: seize it. Cleansing is really about taking quiet and reflective time out in order to evaluate what we’ve done in the past and how we can do it better. So in this hurried process of trying to fit a seasonal cleanse into our lives we may forget to check in.

We may even forget to check in and ask ourselves one of the most important questions:

And that is: How am I eliminating & how are my bowel movements going?

This is crucial because always remember, toxins must be excreted somehow, they must have a clear passageway out of the body.
So if you are constipated or go #2 less than once per day, you must take care of this before you even consider cleansing.

Here are a 3 ways to get your bowels moving. Some may sound obvious but let’s check in with ourselves to determine if we are really doing the obvious. The minimum we should be doing to care for our vessel?

3 ways to get your bowels moving:

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of filtered, fresh water and even add fresh lemon juice to your daily water intake.
  2. Consider a magnesium supplement to relax the smooth muscle of your GI tract so that matter passes through with ease.
  3. Fiber: ensure your diet is fiber rich. Get plenty of fiber from your fruits and veggies in both soluble and insoluble form. If your bowels are really in trouble, consume 1.5 teaspoons of psyllium husk in water before retiring to bed at night.

Proper elimination is crucial before even considering cleansing. Before considering anything really. We see how much research is surfacing on the importance of healthy digestion and maintaining a healthy microbiome. These are the most exciting topics for me to dive into! As awareness grows, opportunities for health come about.

My detox clean takes you through the chronological, sequential steps that are necessary when it comes to cleansing. Doing it is great but doing it right is crucial. Always work with a health professional when embarking on a Detox program.
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