3 ways vegetarian meals can improve your health

9 March 25 Veg good Friday

In line with tradition, many will refrain from consuming meat on the holy days during Lent. What a fantastic day to take advantage of going meatless for at least a day and filling your dinner table with vegetarian alternatives. Eating vegetarian does not mean you have to miss out on flavorful and hearty food dishes. […]

Hydrate with the right kind

8 March 22 hydrate

Hydrate with the right kind! Today we celebrate world water day! We should be incredibly grateful for our water supply and in Canada we are even fortunate enough to have an abundant supply of water. Without it there would be no life. Staying hydrated is top on the list when it comes to health challenges. […]

Green up your gut!

Green up your gut

(Video Recipe) Green Up Your Gut! Spring is on its way! What a perfect time to shift your focus toward introducing Greens into your daily routine. If you suffer from IBS with chronic bloating, gas and flatulence that carries a putrid odor, it may be time to alkalize and freshen up your gut. Today’s post will […]

4 Gluten-Free breakfasts to reduce bloating

6 March 16 gluten free breakfasts

Food allergies and intolerances have risen to epidemic proportions. One of the most common complaints I hear from my IBS suffering clients is that they just simply don`t know what to eat anymore. Everything they eat inflames their digestive symptoms and causes them to bloat as if they were 5 months pregnant. How many times […]

Your bowel as your mood regulator

Mood, depression, anxiety, digestive health, digestive system, IBS

This week is Brain Awareness week. A week dedicated to increasing public awareness of the benefits of brain research. I wanted to take a bit of a holistic approach to 2 common issues I see in my practice often. Perhaps  you can relate: Do you ever experience a foggy mind around 3pm? The kind where […]

3 ways to healthier digestion & restful sleep

Sleep, insomnia, healthy digestion

Sleep well to digest better! You know those nights of tossing and turning caused by the acidity, nausea and indigestion resulting from that tomato drenched pasta you ate for dinner? Many of us can attest to disrupted and sleepless nights caused by digestive discomfort. But the reverse is also true. A lack of sleep, especially […]

Ladies, 4 ways to keep your infections at Bay!

Women's Health, Digestive Health

Ladies: Here are 4 ways to keep your infections at bay! This quickie is dedicated to the ladies on International Women’s Day today (March 8th, 2016). Too many women are susceptible to recurring candida, yeast infections and urinary tract infections. The number of UTI cases I see in my practice is very high. And these […]

3 ways to get your bowels moving


Hello, How are you? I hope all is well. Content creation activities have been keeping me very busy at this end and I have some incredible programs i’ll be releasing in the coming months. I’m very excited to share the wealth of health knowledge i’ve accumulated over the years! Sometimes, in our eagerness to move forward […]

We often overlook our miraculous liver, are you taking care of your liver?


Liver Health: Many of my clients complain about a health challenge to which you may relate. I find that I’ve consulted with a good number of clients, namely women who hit a certain age number who will often complain of sluggish digestion and metabolism. She’ll report that no matter how hard she tries to shed […]

What’s cleansing got to do with it?


Hey there, Getting enough sleep? Eating all organic? Done a liver cleanse lately? Most of us can easily agree that we are not perfect when it comes to how we live our lives, health-wise. We try, but it’s not easy. Watch this week’s video to find out my thoughts on why everyone could benefit from cleansing […]