Are you guilty of what I’m guilty of?


I know grabbing lunch on the go is more tempting than bringing your own but it doesn’t have to be that way…. According to Traditional Ayurvedic medicine, your digestive fire is strongest at noon. This means that your heaviest meal should be consumed at lunch-time. In some European and middle eastern countries this set of […]

Wanna Cookie?


My story of how these cookies came to be Since she was very young, my daughter Aurelia has asked for carbs at almost every meal. Since I know carb options can go in the direction I really don’t want them to go, I’ve gotten creative at whipping up my own homemade treats for her, from […]

Do you believe you meet the people you're supposed to meet?

Do you believe you meet the people you’re supposed to meet?  I’d like to share my thoughts with you. That which is on my mind today. You know when you have an experience that really touches you profoundly and then you can’t stop thinking about it? Something that really leaves an impact and helps you […]

3 effective ways to kick-start your health, NOW!

Change your thoughts 1. Change your thoughts because with proper intention, comes action. Healthy thinking lays the solid, brickwork foundation for improving your health. Remove blocks to healthy eating 2. Make sure your kitchen is a healthy kitchen. Remove blocks and impediments to healthy eating. Resist the temptations by removing roadblocks and cleaning out your […]

2D Flexibility: Body & Mind


We’re talking flexibility, and not just the “I can do the splits” kind. Take an honest look at the way you move through life. You may notice that you might have been missing out on some potentially great opportunities for personal growth. Have you become more rigid in your ways? Do you find you are […]

Madonna’s Gut It Going On


How is it that Madge looks THIS good at the age of 53!? We’re huge fans of this super-powered star celeb. We mostly admire how she’s still got it going on with the stamina and endurance she does at her age.With Madonna’s “MDNA” world tour kicking off tonight, we were wondering what her healthy lifestyle […]