Help an organ out, would ya?


Looks like we are Springing up, soon! Spring time marks the season of Liver Lovin’ Were you aware that the liver is the largest and most metabolically diversified organ in the body? This piece of meat performs more functions than any other single organ…over 500 metabolic functions! In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is considered […]

The latest in eating fashion


We live in a very polarized nation, where everyone is a Republican or Democrat, Pro-life or Pro-choice, Christian or Atheist, Rich or Poor, Carnivore or Vegetarian. Those with fixed opinions don’t bother listening to the other, no matter what the issue may be. Somehow “being right” has become the ultimate societal goal, rather than arriving […]

Hey, Pizza Lover! A Gluten Free Delight


Do you laugh at yourself? If you just answered no to that question, well…you better start laughing! When you take yourself too seriously, the mind starts mulling and deluding and that’s precisely when the problems begin. Just remember, we’re not that important in the grand scheme of things, so do yourself a favour and have […]

Exposing my sun story


Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you the best of health and wellness in 2012~ May we all elevate to higher levels of consciousness and continue to learn and grow together. I was very fortunate this winter to have had the opportunity to travel down South. I took a relaxing & rejuvenating 2-week trip to Florida […]

Connecting with Source~ Self and Food


We live in a society where it is very easy to feel disconnected and become removed from the self: the self in every sense of the word. We are often so inundated with “Stuff” that the self gets lost in the muck. In my opinion, this is the reason that deep & meaningful practices such […]

Delectable Dinner in the Naturopath’s Kitchen


~What are your dinners like? Around here, at Resource Naturopathy’s kitchen, we like to keep our dinners healthy, attractive & interesting. I’ve decided to begin documenting selected meals after realizing just how beautiful some of them are. The keys to stimulating a healthy appetite are: Variety, Colour, Flavour, Appeal and Nutritious-ness among other factors. Always […]