Exercise & healthy eating: Fuel your life the right way


Many of my clients wonder about eating and exercising and how to balance these two activities in a sustainable and healthy way. Here are my tips on how to fuel your workout and your body naturally so that you can achieve the most out of your routine. How can you fuel yourself Sufficiently? While you’re […]

Deeper Healing-Treat the cause, not the symptoms


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,” said the wise sage Hippocrates in 420 BC. That is one of the core principles of modern Naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic Medicine took off in the United States during the mid and late 1800s, but it has been around for centuries, practiced all around the world […]

5 Ways to Curb your Sweetest Cravings


Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? I would safely say that 75% of my clients experience the cravings for sweets and chocolate on a regular basis. This is always a question I ask my clients as it can be a great indicator of certain health imbalances. Many of us crave sugar on a daily […]

Hemp-a rad plant with a shady rep


Have you heard the scoop on hemp seeds? You may be familiar with the fact that hemp seed comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa…no I am not referring to marijuana! Hemp seeds that are brought to us legally differ greatly from the Cannabis plants that are illegal (marijuana). THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound found […]

Tropical Paradise Smoothie


Add a tropical twist to your daily regimen for a change in taste and for all the health benefits you will reap! Ingredients 1 banana 3 dates 1 ripe mango, cut into chunks 1 cup pineapple, cut into chunks 1 tbsp ground chia / flaxseed mixture 1 tbsp hemp seeds 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 […]

Green Goddess Smoothie


Our nutritious, tasty green smoothie has been a cherished morning ritual for Phil and I since 2006! Since then, we have both experienced dramatic improvements in health, energy and mental clarity by increasing our consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole foods and superfoods. If you haven’t already, give green smoothies a try. You’ll be amazed at […]

Chocolate Decadence Smoothie


Cacao is truly a nutritious and decadent superfood! This smoothie contains the antioxidant benefits of the cacao powder, the protein from the almond milk and cashews, and the banana provides potassium. This smoothie will give you energy in the morning and is the perfect way to ease you out of your caffeine addiction. So nutritious […]