Introducing Resource Naturopathy’s newest assistant!


What’s been going on around here? As you may have guessed, I’ve been running around like a busy bee  pumping out lots of  fascinating material on natural health, preparing our upcoming fall workshops (to be announced shortly), concocting yummy healthy recipes, consulting with clients and even planning my wedding- all at once! Although I am […]

Yoga as Medicine


Let’s take a look at the physiological, biochemical, hormonal benefits of practicing Yoga In 2011, more than 16 million Americans practiced yoga. Here’s why… Yoga stems from the Ayurvedic Tradition of Medicine. Unlike other forms of yoga, the Ayurvedic Tradition believes that yoga is an individual journey that must be tailored to the unique practitioner’s […]

Summer Lovin’ & Healthy Tips


It’s summer-time and the heat is on!  You’ll likely be outside more than usual, hopefully having a swell, not sweltering time! But please folks: make sure your summer lovin’ doesn’t turn into dehydration, sunburn or heat exhaustion. These summer health tips are a timely reminder to keep you safe and healthy while working, playing or […]