Spring Cleaning-for your insides


Spring Detox- a time for new beginnings! The springtime represents the season for new beginnings. As the winter comes to a close, our energy begins to awaken once again and the green plants begin to sprout up from the ground. We can feel the ascending and active nature of spring life after the winter slumber. […]

True Healing – First Aid Homeopathy


Hi everyone, It’s Thursday morning, March 3, 2011. I’m still reveling in the sheer amazement of what happened to me over the last day and a half, especially what transpired last night. Two nights ago I decided to take 1.5 hour intensive yoga class at the local studio where I practice. The instructor, being very well […]

The Work: Who would you be without that thought?

What a wonderful film! Become acquainted with the powerful work of Byron Katie. It can truly change your life by helping you question your very core beliefs and thoughts. Enjoy and let us know what you’ve gained by watching! Byron Katie – Turn It Around, The Movie by Jenny McCarthy from This That on Vimeo. […]

Warm Up Your Bones: The Naturopathic Way!

“Longevity soup” According to traditional Chinese thought, procreative energy resides in what is called our Essence (Jing). Jing is the quintessential energy that is the foundation of life itself. When it becomes depleted, our lives end. In Western terms, Essence (Jing) is associated with our Kidney/Adrenal complex. It is passed down from parents to children […]



Welcome to Re:Source Naturopathy. Thank you for stopping by and congratulations on taking this step towards your personal learning, your own health and your ultimate well-being. Feel free to navigate through our website to learn and discover how we can help you on your journey towards vibrant health. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, […]