Spring Cleaning-for your insides

Spring Detox- a time for new beginnings!

The springtime represents the season for new beginnings. As the winter comes to a close, our energy begins to awaken once again and the green plants begin to sprout up from the ground. We can feel the ascending and active nature of spring life after the winter slumber. Green is the color of spring awakening according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Liver and Gall bladder organs of elimination are active at this time.

In its intelligence, the body naturally begins a process of cleansing from both food residues as well as the inward emotions of the winter season. This makes spring the ideal time to embark on a gentle detoxification program.

Why Cleanse?

Modern living exposes us to an innumerable amount of toxins. These abound in our food, water, air, home and workplace. The proper elimination of these toxins is critical to maintaining optimal health and vital to maximizing the body’s energy level and preventing chronic illness. Cleansing allows for internal housecleaning to make sure our internal environments are functioning optimally. It is also a fantastic way to keep digestive elimination regular, circulation under control, and stress to a minimum. It both maintains good health and promotes healing from illnesses.

Detoxification of the body is a two-step process. Firstly, the intake of toxins and aggravating factors must be reduced. Secondly, the rate, efficiency and the body’s ability to detoxify must be optimized. Health problems arise when these pathways are not working up to speed or become blocked.

Helpful Detox Tips

To assist your body’s natural cleansing abilities, try:

  • Reducing stress where possible through deep breathing techniques, yoga and meditation. Stress poses an additional burden on the organs of detoxification.
  • Exercising increases the rate at which fat cells release their load of store toxins and it accelerates the removal of toxins through the skin-our largest organ of elimination.
  • Eat at least 12 servings of organic vegetables and some fruit per day. Respecting the natural rhythm of the new season, our eating choices should reflect the expansive qualities of the young spring plants, as we opt for more fresh green vegetables, dandelion greens, purselaine, nourishing sprouts and whole food choices that bring about renewal and health.
  • Breathe: Certain breathing techniques enhance your body’s ability to eliminate toxins because detoxification is directly related to the delivery of oxygen to cells and removal of carbon dioxide.
  • Maintain a regular sleeping pattern, getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily and getting to bed by 10pm.
  • Brush your skin daily (towards the heart, on dry skin) with a natural fiber brush.  This increases circulation and stimulates the immune system to release toxins
  • Hydrotherapy: At the end of your shower alternate several rounds of hot and cold water (30 second to 1 minute intervals) always ending with cold.  This increases the immune system and aids in detoxification.

General tips are provided in the article above. There are many ways to embark on a detoxification program. Booking an Individualized Naturopathic Consultation with Desiree will help you determine the optimal detoxification program for you.

Cheers to fantastic health!

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