Connecting with Source~ Self and Food

We live in a society where it is very easy to feel disconnected and become removed from the self: the self in every sense of the word. We are often so inundated with “Stuff” that the self gets lost in the muck. In my opinion, this is the reason that deep & meaningful practices such as Yoga and Meditation have become so popular in the Western world. People are trying to re-group, re-ground and are scattering around just to find this lost sense of “self.” In fact, it ‘s this feeling of being separate from the whole that causes many of the health and mental illness problems we witness today. Practices such as yoga, meditation and modalities such as Homeopathy and Naturopathy allow the individual the time, space and ideal environment for re-grouping with the “Self.” Through such profound processes and awareness raising, the person is able to see and experience the connection to the whole in all of its truth and beauty.

Unfortunately, along with this separation from the self, we have become fairly removed from our food system. Do we really know where our food comes from? How often do we think twice about our beautifully wrapped and packaged produce before throwing it into the wok?  Do we think of the life that the cow lived before becoming a cheeseburger?

In order to bring awareness, meaning and a sense of connection to what we eat, let’s start by connecting with the source. An incredible way of doing this is to visit your local farmer’s market or better yet, find a local farmer and visit the farm while picking up your food. Make the effort to learn about where your food comes from by heading out to the market and talking with the vendors, talk to the farmers, the middle-men and women between you and your food source. They will shed some light into how they grow and handle the foods your family consumes. Going to the market is also super fun.  The Fall season is so beautiful and bountiful! Check out this this abundance at Marche Jean Talon– my most favorite market in Montreal.

Let’s connect – no matter where in the world you are.


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