Deeper Healing-Treat the cause, not the symptoms

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,” said the wise sage Hippocrates in 420 BC. That is one of the core principles of modern Naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine took off in the United States during the mid and late 1800s, but it has been around for centuries, practiced all around the world from China to India.

Have we strayed away from good intentions?

In some ways, modern medicine is incredibly miraculous and the scientific advances are unparalleled. If you’ve got a broken bone or need surgery, head right over to the emergency room. But in other ways and for chronic cases modern medicine has strayed from its natural roots. Paved with good intentions, the attempts to isolate certain compounds and make them more potent causes alot of ‘side’ trouble. Compartmentalizing the human body and designating specialists can often blind us from seeing the whole-ness of the organism. Often the use of contraries often causes a cascade of side effects which are toxic on the body. The revival of a medicine that seeks to treat the underlying cause of disease and bring the body back into equilibrium and balance is incredible and i’m so glad to be a part of it.

The effects of Naturopathic medicine are often felt gradually, but they are also sustainable and enduring. And that’s what matters. For instance, it might be quicker to stick a Band-Aid on a deep gouge, but if you need stitches, what good will that really do?

Naturopathic medicine brings you the gentle healing power of nature to diagnose and treat the root cause of maladies – whether it be allergies, Cancer, depression, a headache, or a common cold. Through herbal medicine, stretching, meditation, nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, whole food supplementation, exercise and lifestyle counseling, Naturopathic medicine works to heal your mind, body and spirit in an all-encompassing approach to wellness.

Its just sensible to treat the cause

  • Why take antacids when the root cause of your recurring stomach pain is an allergy  or intolerance to a particular food?
  • Why undergo expensive and invasive fertility treatments if it’s just an imbalance in your insulin levels that can be treated with a change in diet?
  • Why go on anti-depressants when certain exercises and meditations can re-balance  your mind?
  • Why take a headache pill when all you need to really do is drink more water and hydrate your cells?

It’s often as simple as this, yet we tend to over-complicate things by not treating the underlying cause of a disease.

The saying “Garbage in, garbage out” is so true in the health profession. Simply addressing nutrition can help abundantly. In 1997, the American Medical Association declared, “The era of nutrient supplements to promote health and reduce illness is here to stay…There is overwhelming evidence of immunological enhancement following such an intervention.”

Digestive Trouble- who hasn’t got any?

I would say that 80% of my client base consults for some sort of digestive trouble or discomfort, some cases more severe than others. While treating digestive disturbances, it is crucial to look deeper and treat the root cause rather than simply masking symptoms. taking antacids for a lifetime will never stop the heartburn permanently. Healing the gut, will. If you suffer from mild digestive symptoms, try this healing flax-seed tea.

Real facts on digestive trouble

  • More Americans are hospitalized for digestive diseases than any other type.
  • Digestive diseases rank #2 for causes of disability.
  • Americans lose about 200,000 days of work due to digestive illness annually!
  • Diarrhoea is a leading cause of death world-wide.
  • More than 95 million Americans have had some kind of digestive problem.
  • Over 10 million people are hospitalized with digestive problems each year.
  • Sales of laxatives, anti-diarrheal and antacid medication increased 10% since 2000.

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