Do you believe you meet the people you're supposed to meet?

Do you believe you meet the people you’re supposed to meet? 

I’d like to share my thoughts with you. That which is on my mind today. You know when you have an experience that really touches you profoundly and then you can’t stop thinking about it? Something that really leaves an impact and helps you pick apart what matters in life and what really doesn’t? The encounter I had really touched me and caused me to realize how truly fragile, delicate and profound life is.

Yesterday I was at the Apple store and had to get my computer completely erased and re-installed again which left me waiting for four hours straight at the genius counter.  A teenage boy and his father walked into the store, sat down next to me and were in for the long haul as well. So I started talking to the boy. He was in a wheelchair and clearly had a severe disability. After talking about iPhones for a few minutes he opened up and wanted to share his story with me. He told me he had cerebral palsy and also told me of his twin brother who had the same condition. Both of them did not get enough oxygen in the womb and so this was their story. His dad told me that his son (who was present) was not verbal until the age of 4. He then joked that his son has not stopped talking since. The dad told me about his career as a helicopter pilot, his position in the American army and how he quit it all to help take care of his sons and research alternative methods for helping them, the hyperbaric chamber he said works miracles for someone with CP. I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I was deeply touched and humbled to meet such a beautiful soul. It’s not often I come into contact with and get to speak with such beautiful and inspiring souls. This teenage boy told me he learned to jump in and out of his wheelchair, he was in break dancing competitions, was learning to cook and he loved to inspire others by going to schools to share his story. He even told me he was on the Today show sharing his story. This boy completely

humbled  me. In fact, what struck me the most was how humble he was and how simple he made life seem. And then I realized how incredibly complicated I unconsciously made my life, how thoughts get in my way continuously, how I often get wrapped up in thinking that doesn’t serve me well, that only makes me feel stressed.

I believe I was definitely there to learn from him. He was there to teach me a lesson To humble me, to bring simplicity back to me, to bring joy and laughter to a stressful mind bending technology moment. What importance we place on things that don’t matter. How simple and joyful he made life seem, what a person to take example from. What a blessing to have met him.

Which has got me thinking…

What is health about anyway? 

Is it about the avoidance of disease?

Is it about living symptom free?

To me, at this moment, the importance of health and the reason to preserve it with all of our efforts comes down to thriving and living the best life we can while we are here. It’s about deeply appreciating our lot, no matter what we have been giving. It’s about thanking g-d (or whatever you resonate with) for blessing us with this life. It’s about having the energy, the vitality, the clarity and the thriving power to live our best life ever, our fullest life ever and making life a pleasure for those around us. Living humbly, with positive intention and being kind and serving those around us. Living for a larger purpose than ourselves.

What do you think?

What’s the ultimate goal and reason to preserve and take care of your health?

Would love to read your thoughts. And I look forward to reading each and every one of them!

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Blessings and best of health, 

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