Eat Healthy On A Budget

Is there a way to eat healthy and still meet your grocery stores spending quota?

The answer: Yes – all you need is a few tips and tricks.

There is a common perception that healthy eating is costly, especially if you want high-quality ingredients and organic foods incorporated into your diet.

Yeah, the aroma from that fast food burger or pizza joint can be incredibly enticing. But chances are the inexpensive grab-and-go food isn’t doing your wallet as many favours as you think. What’s worse is that low-quality foods may cause you to feel some digestive discomfort, and in the long run you will pay more in terms of your quality of life and health.

Yet, there are many ways to keep your food costs reasonable and eat healthy on a budget.

Here are 4 easy ways to eat healthy on a budget:

Buy in Bulk – Smaller, individually wrapped packages cost more per unit, plus all that packaging doesn’t do the environment any favours. Stock up for the long-term with bigger quantities of staples like nuts and seeds, or chicken and beef.

Shop Seasonally – Stay in-the-know on the best fruits and vegetables for each month of the year. This will not only save you a few dollars, but the food will taste that much better. Looking for the least expensive and most nutritious option food? Go for leafy greens like kale, chard, collards, spinach, and broccoli.

Visit Your Local Market – Get your fresh organic produce right at the source. This eliminates the middle man, and also supports your local economy. Having fresh produce at home that needs to be eaten before it goes bad will encourage you to prepare most of your meals, saving you money you’d otherwise spend on take-out. Start your own garden to save even more!

Pack Snacks & Skip Processed Foods – It may be really tempting to resist the smell of that hot dog from the fried-food hut on the street. But junk food will cost you more in medical expenses in the long run. Try to keep healthy snacks on you so you don’t cave into temptation. Always keep an apple, a handful of almonds, or a granola bar on hand.

Got any other suggestions for saving money while eating healthy? Share them in the comments below!

Would you like customized meal plan for your budget?

Wouldn’t it be great if a knowledgeable professional could create a day-to-day meal plan for you and your family based on your budget? What if you had a friend who could give you a fun and educational grocery store tour to show you how easy buying healthy can be? Learn what foods to eliminate from your pantry, and what healthy alternatives to replace them with. Doctors don’t have the time for this and dieticians charge super high consultation fees. But healthy, delicious and affordable recipes are within reach. Instead, try a Naturopath who is dedicated to delivering personalized health solutions.

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