Green up your gut!

Green up your gut

(Video Recipe) Green Up Your Gut!

Spring is on its way! What a perfect time to shift your focus toward introducing Greens into your daily routine. If you suffer from IBS with chronic bloating, gas and flatulence that carries a putrid odor, it may be time to alkalize and freshen up your gut.

Today’s post will show you a few ways.

One of the first steps toward great overall health begins with creating a more alkaline environment in your body. Many functions in the body occur at very specific pH levels and our health depends on maintaining this delicate balance. This is especially relevant when considering digestive health and the various pH levels required for digestion and absorption in the different regions of the gastro-intestinal tract: each segment requires a precise pH level in order to carry out its task.

Our modern way of living exposes us to many acidifying habits that cause our body to become more acidic than it should be. Chronic and sustained stress is the big one that comes to mind. This can cause a serious imbalance in the digestive tract.

You see, IBS sufferers will often be triggered by stress and have an imbalanced microflora. Harmful bacteria tend to thrive in a more acidic environment.

So the most important measures one can take to relieve IBS symptoms is to:

  1.  Make sure the microbiome is well balanced.
  2. Restoring proper acidity levels in the gut we to prevent and reduce harmful bacterial overgrowth.

Consuming more alkaline foods helps to create a more neutral and alkaline digestive terrain. They help our bodies move from a more acid to a more alkaline state. Leafy green vegetables are perfect for this.

2 ways to add more Greens into your life:

  1. (Video) Clean Green Blend

The recipe below shows you a nutrient packed drink that helps you load up on energy first thing in the morning. Packed with sprouts and alkaline greens, the mineral content will help increase your pH level and create a more alkaline environment to combat the acidifying effects of stress, coffee, sugar and an acid forming diet.

2. Stinging Nettle Tea: 

The more you steep it, the greener it gets, a beautiful emerald green colour!
If you do suffer from IBS and malabsorption, begin your morning with a glass of warm water and follow that with a cup of nettle tea. Nettle is a bowel stimulator and a liver cleanser. Due to its rich mineral content, it is effective at neutralizing a highly acidic pH and will even provide a healthy dose of nutrition and minerals. Enjoy your cup or two of nettle tea a day, you’ll notice the energizing benefits in no time!

If you or anyone you know suffers from IBS and has found no solution, don’t hesitate to get on the waiting list for my life changing course “Your IBS Solution” soon to be unleashed.

All my best,

Desiree 🙂

All my best,

Desiree 🙂

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