Help an organ out, would ya?

Looks like we are Springing up, soon! Spring time marks the season of Liver Lovin’

Were you aware that the liver is the largest and most metabolically diversified organ in the body? This piece of meat performs more functions than any other single organ…over 500 metabolic functions! In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is considered “the house of the soul” and is responsible for the flow of energy, chi or Vital Force: Whichever term you feel the most comfortable with will do.

Playing a tremendous role in the entire metabolic process, our livers can become heavily overloaded and taxed due to the vast amount of substances it must filter and transform every minute of every day. In fact, all substances are distributed and metabolized in the body only after they have been transformed by secretions and digestive enzymes produced by the liver.

Liver Lovin’
…and the curative properties of herbal medicine….
Why use herbs?
The body is capable of balancing, healing, and rejuvenating itself when stimulated through the use of herbal remedies and proper nutrition. Herbs posses incredible healing powers and have been used for centuries with great results to treat a wide array of health issues and imbalances.

One category of herbs called “Alterative herbs” possess the action of nourishing and supporting the liver and can be used in the spring time to cleanse and ‘move’ the liver.

Some alterative, liver cleansing herbs are:

  • Milk Thistle
  • Dandelion Root & Leaf
  • Burdock Root
  • Yellow Dock Root

How do these guys work? they…

  • provide power-packed nutrition for the liver due to their rich content of vitamins, minerals salts and trace elements.
  • contain bitter principles that stimulate the secretion of gastric juices which aid in digestion and thus takes a load of your liver
  • are alkalizing to the tissues and help to neutralize an excess of acid in the system
  • eliminate excess “heat” in the liver due to their “cooling” energetic properties

Spring Cleaning
Springtime represents the season of new beginnings. As the winter comes to a close, our energy begins to awaken once again.

In its intelligence, the body naturally begins a process of cleansing from both food residues and the inward emotions of the winter season. This makes spring the ideal time to embark on a gentle detoxification program.
The article above only presents general guidelines. For assistance and support in determining the optimal detoxification program to suit your needs and lifestyle, we can help you!

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