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You may or may not know that for the past (nearly) 3 years, I’ve been enrolled in a 3-year masters level degree in Homeopathic Medicine at the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy. It’s been one of the most inspiring and eye opening times of my life, marked by growth, expansion, evolution and the continued pushing of envelopes! I can’t say enough about the fantastic program offered by this unique school and our MICH community.  It’s been a pure pleasure to add this healing modality to my practice. So in addition to practicing Naturopathic Medicine, you can also choose to experience the MICH method of homeopathy- a unique and profound healing modality like no other.

So what’s homeopathy about, anyway?
I like to look at Homeopathy as a marriage between the art and science of healing. Homeopathy really is a true art. When practised at its highest standard, homeopathy has proven to be, and continues to prove to be the treatment of choice in reinstating health in cases of  both acute and chronic illness, even in cases of epidemic diseases as can be seen throughout the world in recent years. As a scientific method of treatment, homeopathy is based on the application of the law of similars. For thousands of years, in the human quest to find a method of enhancing and restoring health in the most effective, gentle and permanent way possible, Samuel Hahnemman, a brilliant German physician took it upon himself to pursue this  philosophical and scientific endeavour. He brought together a number of discoveries and reflections he found throughout the history of medicine and in medical textbooks to develop an ideal system of therapy and treatment. After years of perfecting this method, he termed it “homeopathy” meaning “similar” “disease” from the Greek root words: “Homoios” and “pathos.”  Homeopathy consists of treating a sick individual with a specific homeopathic remedy that would otherwise cause the exact symptoms (suffered by the sick person) in a healthy individual.

Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural sources and are prepared in such a way to avoid any toxicity. As Homeopaths following the laws outlined by Hahnemmann in the Organon of the medical art, we follow the law of minimum dose in order to invoke the deepest shift in the organism.  This is what makes homeopathy a gentle, safe and curative medicine. Luckily, homeopathy produces no side effects and is not contra-indicated when one is taking  medication or while pregnant.  In our Classical, Unicist practice, the single and well-chosen remedy is given in order to provoke a healing response on behalf of the organism with the understanding that only the living organism can heal itself and reinstate equilibrium. In other words, the homeopathic remedy acts as a catalyst to spark and ignite the healing process. The greater the degree of similarity between the symptoms and experience presented by the client and the remedy picture,  the greater the possibility for recovery and healing. The homeopathic remedy, along with the therapeutic process a client experiences, tunes a mistuned vital force and strengthens the client’s immune response so to reinforce susceptibility and avoid pervasive influences such as bacteria or viruses.

If one asks which diseases can be treated with homeopathy, the answer is that in our practice of homeopathy, we don’t consider the name of the pathology above the individual. This means that we get to know the individual who is suffering and we treat people, not pathologies. We take our time with our patients and get to know them- we don’t rush them out of our offices. Whether the symptoms are expressed on the physical, mental or emotional level we recognize the human being in all of his entirety and thus Homeopathy is a Whole Person Medicine treating one unique individual at a time, all the while, customizing treatment to that individual.

So, you want to give it a try?
Would you like to experience the MICH method of homeopathy? How would it feel to finally address your health concerns and feel balanced again? If you’re searching for deeper change, Contact me for further details. To date, we have witnessed the most incredible results and our clients have been deeply touched by the process itself!

How do you know it works?
Check out our brilliant client testimonials and cured cases.  Follow the link: “our patients share their stories.” If you’d like to be my Homeopathy client and experience this unique method, take advantage of the reduced rates for the short time they last.

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