Hydrate with the right kind

8 March 22 hydrateHydrate with the right kind!
Today we celebrate world water day! We should be incredibly grateful for our water supply and in Canada we are even fortunate enough to have an abundant supply of water. Without it there would be no life.
Staying hydrated is top on the list when it comes to health challenges. It’s relevant to all.

In fact, the one simple habit change of adding more water to your daily routine, can make a significant difference even total transformation when it comes to healing specific health issues.

Keeping hydrated and lubricated by consuming enough water are key. My clients are often concerned about the contamination of water they are drinking and ask me for alternatives. At our home, we have chosen to use the Berkey water filtration system because of its incredible capacity to filter out microbes, heavy metals, toxic particles and even flouride with the extra filters. Check out this water filtration option if you are in search of a good one.

Happy hydration!

All my best,

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