Introducing Resource Naturopathy’s newest assistant!

What’s been going on around here? As you may have guessed, I’ve been running around like a busy bee  pumping out lots of  fascinating material on natural health, preparing our upcoming fall workshops (to be announced shortly), concocting yummy healthy recipes, consulting with clients and even planning my wedding- all at once! Although I am loving every minute of it, things are getting a bit hectic.

Perfect timing however as I introduce the newest member of our team. You can call her Bonnie! Bonnie has decided to assist us here at Resource Naturopathy and help out with all of the various tasks and projects upon which we embark. So far its been incredibly fun and enriching as Bonnie is really up to date on her health information and is so eager to learn and grow into the fascinating world of Naturopathic Medicine. We are so very glad to have her on board!

A message from Bonnie: “Hi my name is Bonnie. I have been devoting my time to doing some research to help you achieve optimal health! I am so pleased to join Desiree on her special quest to share with you natural remedies and alternate solutions to help you in your quest to self healing. Natural remedies and whole foods have so much to offer by way of healing and these are our most effective medicines!  As we progress into 2012 more and more people are demanding natural solutions to their unique health challenges and you can count on us to provide you with the most cutting edge resources on natural medicine and healing.”

You can expect to receive some of Bonnies fabulous messages through our blog and our shiny new Twitter account! Enjoy!

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