Juice Up! Vitalize Your Day

Do you suffer from low energy throughout your day? Can’t seem to shake off that 3PM mid-afternoon slump? You can easily change that reality and supercharge your day without having to invest much time and effort in the mornings.

We all know that we should be eating lots of green leafy vegetables. They give your body the important vitamins and minerals it craves. About 3-5 servings a day is ideal.

We suggest you jump start your day with a green juice or green smoothie in the morning. We are huge fans of fresh daily green juices. In fact, we rarely go a day without getting a large part of our daily nutrients with this blend of any healthy fresh ingredients we have in stock in our kitchen.

So why would one drink this swampy looking drink?

Well, you wouldn’t believe it just by looking at it, but green juice taste delicious! The blended medley of abundant leafy greens mixed with the sweetness of apples and carrots really makes for a delectable beverage.

Besides good taste, this cocktail really does pack a nutrient punch! What are the benefits of green juicing, you ask?

1. Chlorophyll – Chlorophyll is the phytochemical that makes plants green. It’s similar to the hemoglobin in your blood that carries oxygen. As a powerful detoxifier and rejuvenator, chlorophyll forms the basis of the entire food chain on which we rely.

2. Antioxidants – These guys keep you young and healthy. Green juices contain a wide range of powerful antioxidants, depending on which vegetables and fruits you choose to use. Antioxidants fight free radicals – formed during a body process called oxidation – which are believed to be culprits in heart disease, aging and cancer.

3. Alkalize To Keep Slim – Green juices are enzyme-rich and have a high mineral content, which helps to restore normal body tissue alkalinity. This creates an oxygen-rich environment, so your body is a less habitable terrain for diseases and extra pounds attempting to settle in.

4. Easy To Digest – Whereas smoothies contain tons fiber, the juicing process removes it. Juicing removes most of the plant cellulose and makes it very easy to digest. Our digestive system is less taxed, giving it a much-needed break.

You can juice pretty much anything! We like using kale, swiss chard, ginger, lemon, apples, carrots, and cucumber.

What are your favourite nutritious juicing ingredients?

For an abundance of juicing recipes, including juices to benefit your liver, juicing for weight loss, and juicing to stay young, sign up for one of our workshops today. You’ll learn the best secrets to optimizing health and you’ll keep these easy lifestyle changes for life.

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