Ladies, 4 ways to keep your infections at Bay!

Women's Health, Digestive HealthLadies: Here are 4 ways to keep your infections at bay!

This quickie is dedicated to the ladies on International Women’s Day today (March 8th, 2016). Too many women are susceptible to recurring candida, yeast infections and urinary tract infections. The number of UTI cases I see in my practice is very high. And these can be very difficult to tame.

Taking a deep look at a lady`s microbiome and overall digestive health can often help to solve the mystery.

When our stores of beneficial bacteria and our digestive process becomes unbalanced the door swings open to a multitude of health complications including: gut infections, stomach pain, bloating, fatigue, constipation and the above said infections.

The solution: here are 4 ways as a woman, you can address your  digestive flora in order to keep infections under control and reduce their occurence:

1. Increase the number of friendly bacteria in your system by consuming natural probiotic foods such as lacto-fermented vegetables and kefir. I`d recommend investing in a high quality probiotic supplement. Taken regularly this can make a world of a difference. 

2.Consume pre-biotic rich foods to feed healthy bacteria and keep their numbers high. Try Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes if you haven`t – they are to die for!

3. Remember, bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments so avoid wearting synthetic underwear and tights. Try wearing natural fiber underwear like cotton, hemp, bamboo wich allow the skin to breathe thus keeping the area cool and dry. 

4. Add 4 drops of Lavender and 3 drops of tea tree essential oils to your bath. Both of these oils have anti-fungal properties to reduce any infection that can be present.

Ladies, enjoy this Health Quickie and Happy Women’s Day!

All my best,

Desiree 🙂

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