Madonna’s Gut It Going On

How is it that Madge looks THIS good at the age of 53!? We’re huge fans of this super-powered star celeb. We mostly admire how she’s still got it going on with the stamina and endurance she does at her age.With Madonna’s “MDNA” world tour kicking off tonight, we were wondering what her healthy lifestyle secret was to staying in tip-top shape.

We came across an interesting article which surprisingly attributed her youthful glow to her digestive system health. Turns out, not only does Madonna exercise like mad, but she’s also got her dietary needs all taken care of to make sure she eats clean, organic foods. The last thing Madge needs is digestive upset when on tour.

Nutrition plays a huge role in how you feel and is key to helping you stay youthful and beautiful. This is beauty from the inside out at its best. Fruits and vegetables aren’t the only thing that can keep you looking young.

One reason Madonna is still rocking it with her great looks may have a lot to do with how she takes care of her gut.

She follows a Macrobiotic diet, which includes plenty of vegetables, unrefined whole grains and fermented foods.  Probiotic-rich foods help to promote a healthy and balanced gut bacteria in order to foster immune system health and stellar digestive system health.

Don’t get scared off by the word bacteria – these are the good guys, linked to a reduction in body fat,  improved skin tone, the power to  increase alertness, clarity and positivity. Nourishing the intestines and aiding with the digestion of food, good gut flora helps you extract the vitamins you need and keep your health in check by strengthening immunity thus fostering strong resistance to invaders.

Madonna has a personal chef to help her out with her diet. Lord knows most of us can’t afford that luxury. But what we can do is steal a few pointers from this Material Girl and easily implement them into our everyday diet routine.

So how do you keep your guts as healthy as hers?

  • Add some fermented foods to your diet today! Examples of fermented foods include: kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso (click here for a delicious miso soup recipe!), yogurt, tempeh and fermented pickles.
  • Cut down on meat, sugar, dairy, and coffee as these acidifying foods tend to wipe out good flora.
  • Make sure to consume foods which have gone through as little processing as possible.  Avoid fillers, synthetic ingredients, cheap imitations and stick to whole foods you make from scratch.

Now you know this diva’s secret to vitality. We can all take a few easy pointers from Madonna’s lifestyle and incorporate it into the way we eat today. For more help on nutrition and how to eat to feel your best ever, meet me for a naturopathic consultation. You’ll get an in depth one-on-one session with a whole food nutrition plan that’s custom tailored for your specific needs and your life.

Warning: We cannot guarantee that eating these foods will help you morph into a Madonna or steal her washboard abs.

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