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Yesterday was a truly fantastic day! It became clear to me once again that I’m doing my life’s work. I feel so inspired every single day by the moments, the occurrences and the experiences such as the one I had yesterday and I am fortunate enough to say, that I have these kinds of experiences almost every time I meet with clients or offer workshops.
About a month ago I had been invited back to an Adult education and vocational training Center to present a workshop I developed entitled: “Sugar: Pure, white and deadly. Health effects & Alternatives.” A few months back, I had spoken to another group at the center about: “10 core principles to achieving optimal health.” This time the coordinators felt it was crucial for the participants at the center to learn about a health issue which is unfortunately reaching epidemic proportions in their community. This issue is: The addiction to sugar. We addressed the negative impacts of sugar on the body, how to break the vicious cycle and how to implement healthier alternatives.  While I presented my slides to the group, many felt the need to tell me about their personal sugar consumption. My mouth literally dropped 100 times as I heard numbers like: “I drink 12 cans of coke a day.” “I drink 1 liter of pop for breakfast.” “I drink 48 cans of coke each day.”

Upon hearing this, I became more stern in my approach. This is unacceptable, I thought: These young people are literally poisoning and intoxicating themselves and these are the products and the ads we are inundated with on a daily basis. Is it really that cool to drink pop!?
We discussed how to cut down the quantity consumed and possible withdrawal symptoms that could arise.  We participated in a sugar alternatives tasting challenge where we all savored the sweetness of healthy replacements. They loved it and were so excited to learn that all of the white sugar in their communal kitchen would be replaced by healthier alternatives.
I took out my green smoothie, which I have as my daily mid morning snack and people asked me what the heck I was drinking. I explained and they asked to taste: I was surprised and was even hesitant to pour the samples they had asked for. My smoothie is an acquired taste and I feared this would halt the progress we were making towards the healthier options. Boy was I wrong: they loved it!
One girl asked about sugary cereals- if she couldn’t have those for breakfast anymore, what was left?! One co-coordinator described her daily breakfast of steel cut oats, blueberries, yogurt and honey- She even offered to bring a whole pot of it to the center the next morning. I received an e-mail from her today saying that the group absolutely loved the oatmeal and that they were excited about the new sugar alternatives in the kitchen. 2 of the participants have already cut their pop consumption last night by 1 liter- truly amazing!

Change is definitely possible.

Thanks for reading and please join me again for my upcoming healthy adventures!

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