Health Analysis Questionnaire

Welcome to your personalized health analysis! This in depth questionnaire was designed to help us discover which nutritional deficiencies and health challenges are keeping you from feeling your best. This discovery process allows us the opportunity to work on bringing your health back into balance so that you may experience unbounded energy and an absence of troublesome symptoms. It allows us the opportunity to apply preventative health measures, one of he most important principles around which Naturopathic medicine is based.

By pinpointing the source of your body’s subtle warning signs and correcting them, we will begin to discover, build and maintain true wellness.

This tool, along with our consultation time allows me to custom tailor a unique health program designed exclusively for you.

We gain insight into the workings of your digestive system, your hormonal health, how you absorb nutrients, whether you suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies or excesses, food sensitivities, the impact of stress on your physiology, your energy level and the way  your body processes and handles life as a whole.

How to fill it out: 

While filling out the questionnaire, you may notice that some of the questions may be repeated. Please be patient as there is a reason for this: Some of the exact same symptoms are implicated in various different health conditions.

Try not to think too hard or get frustrated over finding the ‘right’ answer. Instead, trust your instinct, your gut feeling. The answer that occurs to you first is most likely to be the most appropriate to your current state of being.

While filling it out, please consider your general state of health over the past 6 months. Your answers should be based on that time-frame.

I hope you enjoy this process and I look forward to working together on your journey towards health and wellness!

Note: This is not a substitute for conventional diagnostic procedures nor is it intended to take place of medical treatment.

Let’s connect – no matter where in the world you are.


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