Health Solutions

Exposing my sun story


Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you the best of health and wellness in 2012~ May we all elevate to higher levels of consciousness and continue to learn and grow together. I was very fortunate this winter to have had the opportunity to travel down South. I took a relaxing & rejuvenating 2-week trip to Florida […]

Summer Lovin’ & Healthy Tips


It’s summer-time and the heat is on!  You’ll likely be outside more than usual, hopefully having a swell, not sweltering time! But please folks: make sure your summer lovin’ doesn’t turn into dehydration, sunburn or heat exhaustion. These summer health tips are a timely reminder to keep you safe and healthy while working, playing or […]

Protect yourself from radiation, Naturally!


News reports are now claiming that trace amounts of radiation are drifting into North America from Japan….should we be afraid? While Americans stock up on potassium iodide tablets in a panic, scientists tell us we have no real reason to be concerned. “Because of the nearly 5,000-mile distance from Japan combined with air diffusion, radiation […]