2D Flexibility: Body & Mind


We’re talking flexibility, and not just the “I can do the splits” kind. Take an honest look at the way you move through life. You may notice that you might have been missing out on some potentially great opportunities for personal growth. Have you become more rigid in your ways? Do you find you are […]

Aging Gracefully – 5 Effective Tips


Do you associate aging with a decline in health? What if you could embrace your birthdays as your most vital years ever, in every way? As your body enters a different groove in your 50’s, 60’s and 70’s you may experience poor circulation, the loss of senses, memory issues, trouble digesting food, rotting teeth, reduced […]

Yoga as Medicine


Let’s take a look at the physiological, biochemical, hormonal benefits of practicing Yoga In 2011, more than 16 million Americans practiced yoga. Here’s why… Yoga stems from the Ayurvedic Tradition of Medicine. Unlike other forms of yoga, the Ayurvedic Tradition believes that yoga is an individual journey that must be tailored to the unique practitioner’s […]