Thirst Quenchin’ Summer Tonic

Many of my clients complain about how boring water tastes. When that is the case, I always suggest dressing your water up with some delicious and easy to add NATURAL flavors. Throw in some lemon, grapefruit, lime or cucumber slices! How about a little grated ginger root and some fresh mint leaves? This will make you want to drink like a fish! As the days get hotter, it is important to stay well hydrated.  If you are an athlete, are very active or just hanging out in the sun, before reaching for the commercial energy drinks, try out this simple and effective recipe to give you a refreshing boost and restore your electrolyte balance. You’ll benefit from the nutrients and minerals without having to ingest food dyes and artificial sweeteners & sugars.

Hydrating Summer Tonic
•    1 Emergen-C packet. I love the acai berry flavoured one- Sugar free, of course
•    1.5 liters of filtered water or lightly infused and cooled green tea
•    A tablespoon of maple syrup
•    ¼ teaspoon of natural, grey sea salt
•    The juice of one lemon or lime
•    A few mint leaves

Mix all the ingredients together in a glass pitcher, add some lemon slices and mint leaves and you have a thirst-quenching, re-hydrating, refreshing  and flavorful energy drink…

100% healthy!
Enjoy! 🙂

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