We often overlook our miraculous liver, are you taking care of your liver?

Liver Health:

Many of my clients complain about a health challenge to which you may relate. I find that I’ve consulted with a good number of clients, namely women who hit a certain age number who will often complain of sluggish digestion and metabolism. She’ll report that no matter how hard she tries to shed the pounds, no matter if she’s gone gluten free, or has picked up healthy eating habits, no matter how many times a week she hits the gym, those stubborn pounds just won’t let go, and for heaven’s sake, she’s just had enough!

When we strive toward reaching our health goals, we do the best with what we know but there may be one factor which we may be overlooking.

  • We often overlook our miraculous liver.

Liver Lesson:

Our liver is situated on the right side of our abdomen just under our ribs. It’s the largest internal organ that performs numerous incredible tasks in the body. We could not survive more than 24 hours without a functioning liver. In fact the word liver comes from an old English word meaning “life” and clearly the length and quality of our lives depends on the optimal functioning of our liver.

To outline the sheer magnificence of what our liver accomplishes, all of the incredible tasks it is responsible for performing, let’s take a closer look:

  • A typical 4-pound liver works around the click, keeping our bodies toxin free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It produces 1 quart of bile daily, it filters 100 gallons of blood a day, and it maintains 2,000 enzyme systems and manufactures 13,000 different chemicals.
  • Crucial to our existence, it is the largest, most actively detoxifying organ in the body and as such we must nourish it, take care of it and give it some serious love.

Because our organ systems are interconnected, any weakness or debility in liver function will negatively impact other organs in the body. For example, a sluggish liver could very well be a major weight loss inhibitor.


Here are 2 effective tips that will jump start your liver and overall health quickly:

  1. 20 drops of liquid milk thistle tincture in water 2x per day for 3 weeks.
  2. 2 teaspoons per day of Hawaiian spirulina powder mixed into water or smoothie.

There are many foods that inhibit optimal liver functioning as well as many foods and remedies that offer tremendous liver support. My upcoming Detox Clean 5 week program will show you just how to care for and love your liver on a deep, nourishing and sustained level to optimize your whole organism and even support your health goals.

Detox Clean has been carefully and professionally designed to lead you from hopeless to empowered. It’s going to show you step by step how you can thrive on optimal energy by detoxing and cleansing your life and your insides.

This course is almost at maximum capacity as many are taking advantage of our $100 off promotion happening until: February 22nd, 2016.

Check out the full program details here: Detox Clean

We will be opening up a waiting list for our next round of Detox Clean once this one fills up.

All my best,

Desiree J



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