Private Naturopathic Consultation

Individualized Care

My Naturopathic approach is professional, individualized, patient-centered and results based. Acquire your own, custom tailored lifestyle and whole food nutrition program. Obtain effective solutions and real answers to help you with weight loss, stress, anxiety, fatigue, digestive trouble, hormonal imbalance and the health challenges that limit your life.

“Naturopathy will fully support your body’s ability to return to a balanced state of health.”

Holistic and Restorative

Naturopathy is a branch of Western medicine used by many as their system of primary health care. It is founded on a philosophy of holism and a profound understanding of health and disease. This distinguishes it from the compartmentalized and superficial approach of current medical practice. Naturopathy helps to restore the body’s optimal functioning by enhancing its own inherent healing capability. The underlying root cause of disease is carefully considered and symptoms are understood as important messages from the body and thus must be paid attention to and treated in a gentle, restorative fashion.


Prevention is key for strengthening the body’s natural defenses and safeguarding against future, more serious health concerns. Existing symptoms are considered as the body’s warning system often before they can be detected via conventional testing methods. A Naturopath will take the time to listen carefully and thoroughly to your health concerns and questions with the goal of providing effective natural healing strategies.

Naturopathy can address pre-existing or chronic health conditions. Whether your health concern is acute or chronic, Naturopathy offers safe and effective solutions. As a perfect compliment to your allopathic medical treatment.

During an assessment, I will conduct a detailed health history, gathering health information about your diet, emotional state, exercise, lifestyle and stressors. I inquire about your family and medical history, previous treatments and current medications and supplements. We will work together to reach your desired treatment goals.

Rather than simply masking or suppressing physical symptoms, Naturopathy addresses the root cause of suffering and treats it at the core. Symptoms can be present on the physical, mental or emotional levels pointing to the intricate connection between all aspects of ours lives.

When equipped with the ideal diet, environment, lifestyle habits and mental outlook, the body is able to carry out its innate capacity for self-healing. Your Naturopath helps you along your important path of establishing this balance.

Naturopathic practice encompasses whole food nutrition, botanical medicine, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle coaching.

Your Naturopathic program is custom- tailored to your individual needs 

All incorporating aspects of the following:

Whole Food Nutrition

“Food as the most healing medicine” is at the foundation of a Naturopathic understanding. Many chronic health conditions can be addressed effectively through therapeutic nutrition. In conducting a thorough dietary analysis, we can detect any suspected food sensitivities, allergies or intolerances. Specialized lab testing facilities allows for the detection of gluten and allergen sensitivities. Your plan includes whole food suggestions, meal planning strategies and recipe recommendations.

Eastern Approach

Offering 5,000+ years of healing wisdom, both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda offer an extremely valuable understanding of the unity of body and mind. These Eastern approaches provide us with profound, unique and endless possibilities for treatment.

Let’s connect – no matter where in the world you are.


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