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Imagine what it could mean for your relationships, your work life, your family life if, instead of feeling exhausted, bloated and out of control, you experienced life vibrantly, healthily and energetically?

  • Imagine enjoying your workday with abundant energy and mental clarity.
  • Imagine having enough energy, motivation and drive to go to the gym, socialize and do all of the activities you love.
  • Imagine knowing how to eat in order to avoid digestive bloating and discomfort.

I am Desiree, a professional Naturopath that will help guide your healthy path and show you how to live symptom free, naturally so that you may spend time doing what you love instead.

My signature health courses and private consultations will show you how you can experience your best health ever, unhindered by struggle. Show Me

Here’s how I can help you transform your health by working together:

Online Health Courses

My health courses have been strategically designed to lead you from pain, symptoms and suffering into health freedom. These courses beautifully weave theory and practice and will take you through the exact steps you need to take to achieve long lasting and sustained health success.

  • Kickstart your Health 30 Day Challenge
  • Detox Clean
  • Digestion Reset
  • Holistic Slim Down

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about my Signature Health Courses:



Private Naturopathic Consultation

Custom tailored Naturopathic program to address your unique health challenges. One on focused attention and care with professional health recommendations. Effective, sustained results by addressing the core of your health symptoms.

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Nbf2b589DwqpxSaoZP79_9kKoRcMJHoyOQO_jCjUeWgNaturopathic Group Coaching program

A Naturopathy based coaching program that guides you through the fundamentals of leading a healthy life. A step-by-step transformational program with live interaction and support. Guided by me, shared by health seekers like you.




You may ask yourself how I am qualified to teach on the subject of health and wellness.

My passion for teaching has lead me to develop my own course catalogue encompassing all topics of natural health and wellness as well as Whole Food Nutrition.I’ve spent a great part of my life becoming formally educated in Natural living and Naturopathic Medicine.

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Missing out on the transformational health opportunity (by taking one of my courses or consulting with me privately) can result in you spending another 8 years on a hamster wheel, going nowhere, trying and testing and still experiencing the same debilitating health symptoms. What kind of a life is that?

You need a structured plan to take you from pain and suffering to total health freedom.


Let’s connect – no matter where in the world you are.


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